A Faith That Rescues, Rebuilds, and Redeploys


A story of redemption and transformation through faith in Christ.

This booklet shares Dr. Stout’s remarkable faith testimony of redemption. It tells the story of his seemingly catastrophic childhood and how he was finally able to use a newfound faith in Christ to turn these early setbacks into a life of helping others. Dr. Stout also shows how you too can accept Christ to find purpose and transformation in your life.


Dr. Jim Stout has lived a remarkable life and has impacted and transformed the lives of countless men and women as he shared his love for Christ and his deep understanding of mental and spiritual health. There is virtually no aspect of my life and ministry that has not been shaped by this Christian leader and author.

—Rev. Lucky Arnold

The authenticity of Jim’s life story brings real power to the incredible gift that faith in Jesus Christ brings to our lives.

—Carol Grieves

After a few pages I realized all the trauma Jim must have experienced as a child. At first, I was very angry, then I asked "Why, Lord?" I didn't hear an answer but the friend we have now and the man we know as Jim Stout is a wonderful testimony to God's healing and unconditional love. Thank you for sharing your life story with us.

—Rose Marie and Dewayne Neufeld

Thanks for sharing your personal testimony and faith story with one purpose in mind, to help others. As a Wounded Healer, Jim’s motivation is to be a light in the darkness and to help others and encourage them on their life’s journey to healing and wholeness. As an old friend and sister in Christ, I have been a beneficiary of Jims generosity and bravery in sharing the details of his personal story. As a true disciple of Christ, he has turned the adversities and challenges of his life into a ministry to help others. There is something for everyone seeking to live life to the fullest despite physical and mental and emotional illness.

—Joan Hearn


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