Losing Control


Are you feeling overwhelmed and totally helpless? Don’t worry–there’s hope!

When an unexpected crisis hits, worry escalates. Some fight, some flee. Others numb themselves with addictive substances or behaviors. Are you feeling scary, out-of-control anxiety because:

  • You are cooped up at home trying to avoid a pandemic?
  • You or a loved one has contacted a virus?
  • You don’t know when you’ll get your next paycheck?
  • Your vacation plans have been canceled?
  • You or a family member received a scary doctor’s diagnosis?

This book offers battle-tested suggestions for coping with or overcoming helpless feelings of being out-of-control.


Powerful and right on time to offer a lifeline to anyone sinking under the many challenges presented by these scary times of pandemic, riots, quarantine, isolation, etc. The brief, powerful steps in this short book help to restore Inner peace. I am really blown away when I think of the amazing way God can use anything and everything to bring good out of evil and blessings out of curses.

—Joan Hearn

So stimulating to read Jim’s perspectives on human struggles. His discovery and written detail have helped many of us find our way to peace after the pain.

—John Vallely


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