Check out my courses for step-by-step guides and helpful information. These courses are based on a lifetime of personal experience and counseling sessions with clients. I hope you find something helpful and are blessed by them. If you find this information helpful, please share them with your friends and family.


A hands-on course for reclaiming your life from the claws of depression. This course is for those who suffer from depression, and for their loved ones who want to help but don’t know how.  Packed with practical strategies and ways to survive, cope, heal, and rebuild from unyielding depression.

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The Emergency Guide to Bipolar and Depression: How to Survive a Crisis

This course offers quick, doable suggestions for those battling a severe depressive or manic episode, or suicidal thinking. It also gives specific “what-to-do” information for their loved ones who want to be supportive and helpful but don’t know how.

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Time to Rebound: How to Find Your Purpose in Life Despite Your Losses

Countless people keep busy on an endless cycle of self-pity, frustration, and boredom, hoping to rediscover their life purpose or a fulfilling challenge for their lives. Don’t let that be you! Learn workable ways for getting unstuck and moving ahead with your life.

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