The Most Common Effects of Weak Boundaries

Dr. Jim Stout - Author, Speaker, Consultant

A lack of clear personal or professional boun­daries can lead to several types of serious difficulties. Unhappy Coworkers, Unhappy Family Let’s face it: if you don’t set and maintain boundaries, you will lose time and intimacy with your family. Yet when you do set limits, you may lose the approval of some coworkers. Either way,…

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A Lack of Strong Boundaries is the Number One Killer

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Professionals say, hands down, that the biggest career, marriage, and family killer—regardless of age, socioeconomic status, education, or faith—is a lack of strong, clear boundaries. My own experience as a pastor, and as one who has counseled countless men and women, underlines the critical importance of creating and enforcing boundaries in one’s work and personal…

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