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32 ways to heal your marriage from the effects of mental illness

While there are countless things you can do to repair your marriage, here are the ones that have worked for my wife and I and people we know. You don’t need to use them all, just use what works for you. Some of these strategies involve deepening a relationship with God. While we believe in…

What I have done to heal my marriage despite my mental illness

I realized pretty quickly that I’d have to take personal responsibility for healing our marriage. Although I have messed up plenty of times, I’ve worked really hard to heal and rebuild our relationship. I initiated daily communication about our feelings. We share our highs and lows, and how we feel about them. This helps us…

How I have coped with the effects of my bipolar disorder

I desperately wanted to get better, mostly for my family’s sake, and was willing to go to any length to reclaim my life. I longed to be the husband and father they deserved. Through all the years of struggle, I discovered, and still use, a variety of techniques to help me cope with my mood…

The stories we bring to our marriages

In every marriage, both the husband and wife bring their own problems into their new relationship: life’s past wounds, unmet expectations, misplaced priorities, and countless other issues. Because of this marital reality, life coach Rob Liano suggests, “Everyone has baggage. Maybe we should help each other carry it.” We both brought lots of baggage into…

How bipolar disorder has affected my marriage

Sometimes marriages fail suddenly due to an unexpected physical or mental illness, an act of unfaithfulness, or some other dramatic event. But most marriages die a slow death. It’s usually the little things in a marriage that pile up, accumulating until their pain becomes unbearable. These seemingly minor “issues” can be like a small pebble…

Why talk about mental illness and marriage?

While divorce statistics vary somewhat from study to study and year to year, their numbers aren’t too far apart. In the US and Canada, at least 40 percent of all marriages fail.1 Divorce statistics for marriages where one person has bipolar disorder are worse—it is estimated that 90 percent end in divorce!2 The “bible” for…

The 2 reasons people hesitate to contact mental health professionals

Professional listening, feedback, guidance, and, at times, medications can provide added help and hope. Some folks hesitate to contact a mental health professional such as a therapist, psychiatrist, or social worker for two primary reasons: finances and pride. The Financial Hurdle: Most insurance plans cover psychiatric medications. Yet, tragically, many companies do not cover talk…

Read the full Serenity Prayer when you start to feel overwhelmed

It’s one thing to accept the things we can’t change, but it’s entirely another to keep ourselves in that mindset. Being aware of our negative attitudes isn’t always enough to break free from their harm—sometimes we need something to break ourselves out of our temporarily jaded outlook. The Serenity Prayer, often used in Twelve Step…

Why we have to accept the things we cannot change

The hard fact is that you’ll not find inner peace until you accept the offending people or situations as they are. But “acceptance” does not mean that you have to like the behavior, condone it, or even ignore it.  Just accept that “it is what it is.” Some folks spend much of their time trying…

Why it’s so important to distract yourself from resentment

When you’ve been injured, it’s hard to stop the mental “instant replays” of your disappointment, resentment, betrayal, or other upsetting incident from your mind. For example, resentment is the number one cause for why alcoholics drink. In most cases, bitterness damages or threatens an alcoholic’s self-esteem, finances, security, ambitions, or personal relationships. For an alcoholic,…


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