9 Critical Steps to Take in a Mental Health Crisis

Congratulations on having the courage and willingness to learn how to get through your mental health crisis!

In this quick-read book, you will learn the nine workable steps that can help you endure a mental health crisis and find new freedom. This book is for people who are going through a crisis right now and for people who want this information for a loved one or friend.

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Step 1: Talk to someone ASAP
Step 2: Identify the source(s) of your distress
Step 3: Write down what’s been happening and how it’s affected you
Step 4: Read your notes out loud to someone
Step 5: Distract yourself from resentment any way you can
Step 6: Accept the things you cannot change
Step 7: Read the full Serenity Prayer out loud when you start to feel overwhelmed
Step 8: Develop a recovery plan with a therapist or doctor
Step 9: Watch out for stress warning signs—no matter how good you may feel now



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