9 Critical Steps to Take in a Mental Health Crisis

Congratulations on having the courage and willingness to learn how to get through your mental health crisis!

In this quick-read book, you will learn the nine workable steps that can help you endure a mental health crisis and find new freedom. This book is for people who are going through a crisis right now and for people who want this information for a loved one or friend.

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As a schoolteacher, daughter, sister, caregiver, shoulder-and-listening ear for those in crisis, I welcomed Dr. Jim Stout’s book. It is a precise and focused approach for those in any kind of crisis. Immediate help is paramount for someone during a mental health emergency. This brief book can be the first step in providing aid for those in need, especially those in a mental health crisis. I feel Dr. Stout’s book should be made available to all high schools, colleges, trauma-counseling-mental health centers, and religious groups.

—Ellen Enochs

This accessible 24-page booklet is focused on nine immediate steps to take in the midst of a mental health crisis. Rev. Dr. Jim Stout has developed these steps for himself over 50 years of experiencing and recovering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, abuse, addictions and suicidal behaviors.

—Karen Mason, Ph.D., L.P.C.

Professor of Counseling and Psychology

Director of the Hamilton Counseling Program

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



Step 1: Talk to someone ASAP
Step 2: Identify the source(s) of your distress
Step 3: Write down what’s been happening and how it’s affected you
Step 4: Read your notes out loud to someone
Step 5: Distract yourself from resentment any way you can
Step 6: Accept the things you cannot change
Step 7: Read the full Serenity Prayer out loud when you start to feel overwhelmed
Step 8: Develop a recovery plan with a therapist or doctor
Step 9: Watch out for stress warning signs—no matter how good you may feel now



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